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Convent Lodging in Portugal

There are some very beautiful convent hotels inPortugal, a country that is largely of the Roman Catholic faith. With more convents empty or housing only a few nuns, some of them have been sold to private buyers who have turned them into luxury hotels. At, we have all of the information that you need to help you find a convent hotel inPortugalfor your next visit. The unique architecture of the original building has been maintained in many of the buildings, giving guests the experience of staying in an ancient building with all of the modern conveniences.

Convent Lodging PortugalOne of the most outstanding convent hotels inPortugalis the Convento doEspinheiro,Portugal. Once the rooms were plain and unadorned, but this is definitely not the case after the recent renovations at this hotel have been completed. Located near the city ofEvora, a World Heritage site, the convent was built after an apparition of the Virgin Mary in a thorn bush near the site where the convent stands. In 1458, the convent was built, and it became a popular pilgrimage destination for those who wanted healing or who were looking for a spiritual experience.

During the renovation of the Convento do Espinheiro, every effort was made to preserve the original character of the building. The convent wine cellar has been converted into a charming gourmet restaurant, and the large kitchen has become a piano bar. Even the Gothic cistern was left standing to become an area for today’s wine tasting. The hotel also features a luxurious and relaxing spa with natural ingredient products that combine modern and ancestral therapeutic methods of message and spa treatments. You will find details about the rooms and other features of the Convento do Espinheiro at our website,

Visitors toPortugallooking for a unique lodging spot will not want to miss the Pousada Flor da Rosa,Portugal. Here, they will experience the chance to spend the night in a building that has been a convent in the past, and also a palace. This building consists of different wings that were built at various time periods in history. The convent was originally built by the Order ofMalta’s monastery in the Middle Ages, and it still has many of the genuine characteristics of that time. Complete with towers and the large solid blocks that were used in its construction, it looks much more like a castle than a convent.

Exceptionally large rooms with very high ceilings are featured in the modern convent hotel, much different from the simple décor of days past. Although the building now has modern electricity, window treatments, and furnishings, the castle walls were left in many of the hotel rooms to remind those staying for the night that the building was once much more than a hotel.

The Pousada Flor da Rosa,Portugalwas destroyed twice during its existence. Once, in 1755, an earthquake destroyed many parts of the building. Also, in the late 1800’s, the church and much of the convent were destroyed by a severe thunderstorm. Now, in the twenty-first century, the building has 24 updated rooms, with three of these in the convent tower. There is also air conditioning, cable TV, phone service, and a mini-bar in each guest room or suite. The hotel’s restaurant boasts of a gourmet menu featuring dishes. There is enough room to host a wedding reception with 120 people as well.

Outside, there is a luxurious large swimming pool and places for lounging and sun bathing. Not far from the hotel, there is an 18 hold golf course, tennis facility, horseback riding, and many other activities for visitors. Be sure to see more information about this convent hotel at