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Convent Lodging in Italy

There are many convent hotels in Italy. This is not surprising considering the fact that Italyis the seat of the Roman Catholic Church. Italyis very much a Catholic country, and convents are large community homes similar to monasteries. With the decline in the number of girls entering the convent to become nuns, many convents have empty rooms that are rented out. Another type of convent hotels in Italyis the modern, luxurious hotel that was once a convent. Some of these date back to the 14th Century, and often part of the original architecture was preserved during the renovation of the convents. At, we have a lot of helpful information that can help you find one of these beautiful places to stay.

Convent Lodging ItalyOne of today’s elegant hotels inItalyis the L’Hotel inPietra,Italy. This boutique hotel is centuries old and was once a convent. The location of the hotel inMaterais a Unesco World Heritage site, famous for its frescoed cave churches. Visitors to the area enjoy strolling through the winding alleys where the cave churches can be found. When they stay at L’Hotel inPietra,Italy, they have a chance to actually sleep in a cave-like accommodation for the night. Guest rooms, many with original cave walls have been renovated into romantic rooms with modern lighting, baths, and furnishings. Rooms are spacious and open with simple, yet elegant décor. The lighting at the hotel is especially beautiful because of its glow inside the old building.

Guests at the convent hotel may enjoy a breakfast of pastries, such as croissants, jam tarts, or fruit and juice. Cappuccino, espresso, and tea are also available. In the warm weather, outside eating arrangements allow diners to enjoy the outstanding view of the town ofMatera. L’Hotel inPietra,Italydoes not serve lunch and dinner, but there are quaint restaurants and cafes in the town that are within walking distance. The convent hotel does have room service, Internet access, a covered garage for guest parking, and guided tours. Spa facilities are not available, but massages and hot-stone treatments can be provided. This hotel area is definitely one of the most interesting lodging spots inSouthern Italy. At, we provide many other details about this and other convent hotels inItaly.

Another of the convent hotels inItaly, Santa Maria di Costantinopoli,Italyis another unique and beautiful lodging spot in the southern part of the country. Travelers seldom know of hotels like this unless they have specifically looked for a convent hotel on a website like ours. This former convent is privately owned by a couple who operate it as a Bed and Breakfast establishment. With only eight rooms available in this mansion-like building, an intimate and cozy atmosphere is created as guests enjoy breakfast together in a family style fashion. Lunch is also served, featuring tasty Italian dishes, and dinner is available as well. The owners iron the bed linens and keep the rooms clean.

Many people have fallen in love with Santa Maria di Constantinopoli, simply for the ambience created in the ancient building by the owners. Many of the bedrooms have a unique African or South American theme, and there are artifacts from around the world that add their special charm. Thousands of books available to read, and there are no TVs, phones, or other interruptions to break the magical spell of the convent hotel. A large variety of flowers grow in the surrounding garden, as well as fruits and vegetables that are used in preparing the food for meals at the convent. Terraces around the building are also full of cacti and other interesting plants for guests to enjoy. We have more information about this hotel and other convent hotels inItalyat