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Convent Lodging Guide

Convent lodging is a popular alternative to staying in a hotel in Europe, especially in the Catholic countries of Italy, Spain, and France. Convents are usually located in cities where pilgrimages are popular, such as Rome. Since there are fewer nuns living in today’s convents, it is possible to sleep in one of the rooms that were once for those who had taken religious vows only. Today, with many of the rooms empty, convents offer a cheap place to stay. Some convents may charge rates as low as $20, while others can be as expensive as a fine hotel. The best spot to find information on rates, amenities, and other information is through This website can help you locate convents in the area that you plan to visit.

Convent Lodging GuideStaying in a convent or religious guesthouse is usually a peaceful and quiet place to spend the night. There are often few or no amenities such as television or other modern technology. The popularity of this type of lodging is mostly due to its low prices when visitors are looking for cheap lodging alternatives. The peacefulness also lures some visitors who want to escape from cell phones, game consoles, and the stress of daily life. lists the names and locations of various convents in European and other countries. We also provide an idea of the amenities offered and the price that can be expected to be charged for staying overnight. The website simplifies the process of comparing hotels and alternative lodging spots as far as price is concerned. These convents are set up to accept guests, but there are rules that must be followed while staying there. Most of them have twin beds, and an occasional double bed can be found. It is normally required that couples are married if they want to stay in a room with a double bed.

Some of the rules that are expected to be followed are that guests are expected to be fairly quiet during their stay. This is because the nuns are often praying or doing devotions throughout the day. Many times, guests are expected to attend Mass or other services if they stay in the convent. It is not necessary to be Catholic or even religious to stay there, and an invitation to attend Mass can be turned down. There is usually a curfew as well, expecting guests to be quietly in their rooms sleeping by around 10 PM. Some convents extend the curfew to midnight. There is normally an early checkout time as well.

Another option of where to stay when considering religious guesthouses is a monastery. These are also large buildings with simple rooms or cells for guests, but monasteries are often located in rural areas away from the city. Sometimes guests are not charged anything for spending the night in a monastery, so if someone is looking for a cheap lodging alternative to a hotel, it is worth trying to stay there for the night. also lists helpful information about monasteries, such as where they are located, if they accept travelers, and what to expect if a guest spends the night there.

Many people who have stayed at a convent or monastery have found that the experience itself was very unique and worthwhile just to see how the nuns and monks live their daily lives. Also, monasteries often have beautiful floral gardens and grow their own food. Many times, they invite guests to eat with them because they believe that hospitality is an important Christian characteristic. There are beautiful and famous convents in Rome and France that accept guests who may not have a fancy room with many extras, but the basic comfort of a bed and bathroom are provided.